Product Description

Coriander leaves are green-coloured herbaceous plant. The leaves are small in size and has round irregular margin. Its height is approximately 50 cm. Coriander belongs to family Apiaceae. Botinal name for Coriander is Coriandrum sativum and commonly known as Dhaniya in Hindi. The herb is present all over India and used to add flavour to the food. Nutritional Contents: • Rich in Vitamin K - Small extent of Vit. A and C • Minerals - Potassium - Manganese - Calcium - Iron Coriander leaves can be consumed raw in many ways. Dietary intake of this leaf helps elevating immunity of the body. It fights against common infections and diseases. Coriander leaves check cholesterol level plus maintain blood pressure. Stomach-related problems are also kerbed. Consumption Methods: • Chutney • Salad • Sprinkle over cooked vegetable • Paranthas