Product Description

Broccoli looks like cauliflower but is of algae-green colour. This belongs to the family Brassicaceae which is the family of Cabbage. This vegetable is hybrid of cauliflower, cabbage and other vegetables. Botanical name is Brassica oleraceae and is broccoli in Hindi as well. It is available all across India. Nutritional Elements: • Vitamins - Vit. A - Vit. C - Vit. K and - Vit. B9 • Minerals - Manganese - Potassium - Magnesium - Calcium - Iron • Protein Broccoli is vegetable that can be cooked quickly and easily. It carries various health significant nutrients. Cancer is prevented by dietary intake of Broccoli. If taken boiled every day is aid maintaining body weight. Broccoli protects body against major or minor infections and increases immunity. Consumption Methods: • Boiled • Soup • Salad • Pressure Cooked • Cooked with other vegetables