Product Description

Original colour of tomatoes is red. However, they might be found in green or orange colour. They are little raw tomatoes and should not be consumed uncooked. This vegetable belongs to family Solanaceae. Its botanical name is Solanum lycopersicum and commonly known as tamatar in Hindi. The vegetable is found all across the country and is of round or, sometimes, oval shape. Nutritional Content: • Vitamins – Vit. A, C, K and B6. • Carbohydrates • Minerals - Potassium - Molybdenum - Manganese - Iron • Protein Tomato is a vital vegetable to stay fit and healthy. Raw tomato helps rejuvenating skin. Tomato remedies are applied on faces to keep face clear and smooth. Besides, the red vegetable also helps fighting cancer and cardiac diseases. It lowers the risk of inflammation. Consumption Methods: • Salad • As gravy • Juice • Soup